About Us

When it comes to the environment, everyone seems to pass the buck. If we continue like this, little will change.

As individuals, we can get frustrated and feel that our actions aren’t enough. But as citizens and economic agents, we have the power to enable large-scale changes by holding corporations and governments accountable.

The most effective way to reach this outcome is through environmental literacy.

Time for a Change was born from the desire to leverage the power of collective knowledge to preserve the planet. We’re the first environmental literacy platform, committed to offering reliable resources enabling people to understand environmental issues fully and become informed change agents.

No nonsense, no misinformation, no useless rant, just a genuine drive to make a difference.

This is a space that fosters empathy, collaboration, and inclusivity, where we can learn from each other and grow together. Join us and be part of the knowledge revolution to preserve the planet! 🦋