Fat Macy’s restaurant tackles homelessness

In the UK, Fat Macy’s is a social enterprise that uses its restaurant and events catering business to train and support Londoners living in temporary accommodation and help them move into their own homes.

The organization provides a 200-hour program where trainees learn from professional chefs, work in front-of-house roles and help run the business. By completing the program, they can access a deposit to move into a rented home while gaining valuable work experience. Afterwards, the team’s support continues for up to two years.

So far, Fat Macy’s trained 30 people and secured ten housing deposits for people to move into their first home. They are currently working to scale their impact even more.

Why does it matter? Since 2010, homelessness has risen by 50% in England. Moreover, people living in temporary accommodation find it increasingly challenging to save money for a deposit. Indeed, the current benefits system might trap people in temporary housing by cutting their support when they start working.

Fat Macy’s provides a structured opportunity and a concrete pathway to help people get permanent accommodation. All customers have to do to do something good is enjoy a delicious meal!

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