German startup makes green hydrogen accessible to everyone

The German startup Enapter designed an award-winning technology that makes emission-free hydrogen accessible to all.

Vaitea Cowan, the co-founder, was born in New Caledonia, where climate change—the sea-level rise in particular—is a pressing existential threat to the entire population. Her goal was to replace all the diesel generators in New Caledonia’s remote areas with green energy.

Enapter’s technology is an ion exchange membrane electrolyzer that uses renewable electricity to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the water. According to their research, a generator can power a home for several days with just 2.4 litres of water—half of what we need to flush a toilet once.

The company has deployed its innovation across 33 countries and expects to start mass production in 2023.

Why does it matter? About 80 percent of global energy consumption still relies on fossil fuels. Green hydrogen is poised to be a credible alternative, but some researchers have criticized the currently available technologies for their low efficiency and high cost.

Enapter claims its AEM Electrolyser solves these issues and provides an economically attractive way to produce clean energy, even at home.

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